The former WWE Champion broke his neck after experiencing a rough suplex bump on SmackDown

Backstage news on if Ridge Holland has heat in WWE after Big E’s neck injury; update on what went wrong

On the latest episode of SmackDown, Big E took a bad bump from Ridge Holland’s belly-to-belly suplex at ringside. After being stretched out of the arena, it was revealed that the former WWE Champion had broken his neck.

Wade Keller has now revealed several notes regarding the backstage reaction to Big E’s injury on PWTorch’s audio show.

Ridge Holland was reportedly “apologetic” about the spot, and WWE sources added that the former NXT star handled himself well behind the scenes. Keller said that there was no heat on Holland as he didn’t do anything outrightly wrong that caused the rough bump.

“I asked some wrestlers about what happened and what their take of it was. First of all, I will say I heard that Ridge Holland was very apologetic and very sorry about what happened backstage. He handled himself well,” reported Wade Keller. “There doesn’t appear to be any heat on him. This was not a reckless move or something that Big E wasn’t ready for or that seemed like in any way, Ridge Holland did anything wrong. In terms of the spot, it’s just accidents happen is what I was told.”

An unknown talent also explained what might have gone wrong during the belly-to-belly suplex. Ridge Holland seems to have hooked Big E lower than usual and didn’t find the right control while throwing his opponent over the head.

Speculation suggests that Holland might have released his opponent a little too early; however, it seemed an instinctive reaction that wasn’t done out of “selfishness or recklessness.”

“One wrestler said that he looked like Holland hooked him lower than is wise in terms of getting the move with the right leverage to kind of fling him, so he doesn’t end up landing on his head…He might have released him a little early; in other words, stopped kind of throwing him and started worrying about his own bump sooner than he would have in the ring because he knew he was on the floor. And again, not out of selfishness or recklessness, but just instinct,” added Keller. (H/t

Ridge Holland visited Big E in the hospital after SmackDown

Ridge Holland visited Big E in the hospital to check on him last night. Several members of the roster also joined. Big E is a beloved fella

As reported by Sean Ross Sapp, Ridge Holland visited the hospital to check up on Big E following the incident on SmackDown.

While Big E would miraculously not require surgery for his broken neck, a former WWE and NFL doctor recently revealed a grim update on the New Member’s in-ring future. It’s possible that the former WWE Champion might never wrestle again due to the nature of his fracture.

The entire wrestling community has come together to send their best wishes to the SmackDown superstar as he begins a potentially long road to recovery, and we pray that the fears about his wrestling career don’t turn out to be true.


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