Bold and Beautiful Recap: Ridge and Thomas Reel on Arrival of Child Protective Services

Bold and Beautiful Recap: Ridge and Thomas Reel on Arrival of Child Protective Services

In Taylor’s office, Steffy is dismayed to learn that Brooke has said her brother Thomas is dangerous and exclaims, “When is she going to let go?!?” Taylor complains that the attacks are only getting worse. Steffy gasps, “Come on, woman. She feels that Brooke thrives on conflict and has always had issues with her and Thomas. Taylor thinks it’s ridiculous for her to say Thomas is a danger to her son. Steffy feels that Thomas proves himself every day. Brooke must worry about Hope’s inability to compromise.

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In Forrester’s engineering office, Hope tells Brooke that she saw Thomas making progress with Douglas, so she needs to know exactly what happened. “Did you see Thomas with a knife around Douglas?” Just then, Liam walks in and says, “Excuse me? What is Thomas and a knife?

Brooke explains that it wasn’t a butter knife, it was a solid knife and he was using it to cut an apple. Liam can’t understand what was going through his mind if he did this while Douglas was there. Brooke has doubts about Thomas’ balance and health.

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At Forrester, Thomas protests to his father that he used to cut an apple with a knife, like anyone would. Ridge thinks Brooke must have sensed the blade was too close to the child or something. “She doesn’t trust you yet.” Thomas responds, “Clearly, if she was considering calling child protective services about me.” Ridge assures him that no one calls anyone – he’s an amazing father to this little boy. Thomas thanks him for the comfort. He just wants Brooke to stay out of their lives for good.
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Ridge can see that Brooke has no respect for Thomas as a father and he’s sorry because his son worked so hard to get here. Charlie walks in and says to Ridge, “You were asking if Brooke left the building. She’s in the design office with Hope and Liam. Ridge reminds Charlie to close the door as he goes. Thomas hates that Brooke gives Ridge all this grief. Ridge wants peace in the family. Thomas agrees it would be better for Douglas. He can’t stand the idea of ​​someone thinking his house is dangerous for his son. He’s going to go home and make sure it’s as safe as possible. Ridge gives her a huge hug. Thomas doesn’t understand why Brooke has to blow things up. He suggests that Ridge hang out with Douglas – he’ll meet him there. Thomas tells his father that he wouldn’t be the man he is without him.
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In Taylor’s office, Steffy and Taylor think that Brooke is stirring the pot because it benefits her daughter. Taylor laments that Thomas worked so hard to redeem himself and Brooke refuses to give him credit for it. It breaks her heart for Thomas… and also for Ridge. Steffy thinks the more Brooke condemns Thomas, the closer she gets to losing her father.

In the design office, Brooke tells Hope and Liam how Thomas was staring at her while holding the knife. She worries that he won’t bring Douglas home. Hope reminds him that they want to spend time together. Brooke insists that Thomas isn’t a healthy father figure and says, “Think of all the things he’s done.” Liam mutters, “A little hard to forget.” Brooke plans to do whatever is necessary to keep Douglas safe.
Bed and Breakfast Brooke Liam Hope

In Taylor’s office, Steffy fumes that Brooke is way off base. Taylor says she will never like anything about her. Steffy adds, “Except your husband.” They think Brooke resents Steffy and Thomas because they were Ridge’s first family. They recap that Thomas works all day and then goes home to his son. Steffy thinks Brooke is digging her own grave – her actions against Thomas will repel Ridge very quickly.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Douglas play chess and talk about the child’s drawings. He says his dad has been helping him lately. Ridge asks if he enjoyed being there. Douglas says he has; he loves his dad very much.
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Hope and Liam walk into the design office after having coffee. They kiss and Hope moans that her mother forgot her purse, which means she’ll be back for it soon. She asks what Liam thinks of what she said. Liam says she could have said nothing and he would still feel the same. Douglas’ house is with them. Hope would love nothing more than to tuck her son into bed, but she doesn’t want to hinder the progress he’s made with his father. Liam thinks he should be able to go to Thomas’ house whenever he wants…under supervision. In the meantime, he must return to his real home with them. He asks, “Are we still on the same page about this?

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In Taylor’s office, she senses that Brooke is burning her own marriage and attacking her children as a result. If Ridge is coming back to them, it can’t be because of Brooke’s toxic drama, but because he really wants to be with them. Steffy reflects on how caring and caring he has been for the past few months. She finds this knife case to be a new low for Brooke. She sees her father’s eyes open and says, “He wants to be with you, mom.

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At the design office, Hope doesn’t want a custody battle. Liam doesn’t think that would be good either, but they can’t take Thomas’ word that he’s changed. Hope finds the bit with the knife disconcerting, but Thomas’ overall demeanor has improved. Liam intones, “You’ve already said it. And I don’t want to do it all over again. He thinks enough is enough and that Douglas should go home. Brooke arrives at Liam’s proclamation and says he’s right. The only way to guarantee Douglas’s safety is for him to be in Hope’s custody. She will do everything she can to bring him back to his place.
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At the Forrester mansion, Douglas tells his grandfather how much he likes it there. There’s a knock on the door and Ridge answers. There is a man and a woman looking for Thomas. They are from the CPS and are looking to investigate a case involving Douglas Forrester. Just then, Thomas arrives and asks what is going on. Ridge explains that they are from Child Protective Services. “They are here for Douglas.”
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Next on Love glory and beauty: Brooke recounts her scary moment to Ridge, and Ridge receives unwanted visitors at the Forrester mansion.

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