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Marilyn Monroe

Children of Marilyn Monroe: did she have children, a daughter, a son before she died?

Ever since her death over 60 years ago, fans have wondered if Marilyn Monroe had children and wanted to start a family with one of her three husbands.

Marilyn, real name Norma Jeane Mortenson, was born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Gladys Pearl Monroe, placed her in the foster care system when she was a child. (Marilyn never knew her father, although a 2022 test found her biological father to be Charles Stanley Gifford, her mother’s colleague with whom she had an affair in 1925.) Marilyn moved from house to house. house throughout his childhood until his marriage to her. first husband, James Dougherty, when she was 16.

Around this time, Marilyn also started modeling and acting. It didn’t take long for his career to take off. In 1955, Marilyn, who had divorced her first husband, had starred in films like Niagara, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire and her biggest box office success of her career, The Seven Year Itch. Marilyn, who had become known for her comedic “blonde bombshell” personas, went on to star in dozens of other films, including Bus Stop, The Prince and the Showgirl and Some Like It Hot, for which she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy Category in 1960. Her last film, The Misfits, premiered in 1961, a year before her death on August 4, 1962, at age 36.

Since Marilyn’s death, her life has been transformed into several films and documentaries, including the one in 2011 My week with Marilyn (in which she was played by Michelle Williams) and 2022 Blond (in which she was played by Ana de Armas.) “She was very inspiring. And the more I learned about her, the more I studied, the more I understood what was going on and what she had been through, the more respect I felt for her,” de Armas said. Out in 2022 on what inspired her about Marilyn. “Just so much more empathy, understanding and self-evaluation of everything as a woman in the industry, and same age [as me], even everything. A lot of things that I didn’t even think we had in common.

But back to Marilyn Monroe’s family. Did Marilyn Monroe have children? Read on for what we know about Marilyn’s fertility issues in the last years of her life and the three pregnancies she had with her last husband.

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Did Marilyn Monroe have children?

Marilyn Monroe

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Did Marilyn Monroe have children? The answer is no. Although Marilyn was married three times to husbands James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, she had no children before her death in 1962. Marilyn was married to James, a factory worker, from 1942 to 1946 She was married to retired New York Yankees player Joe from 1954 to 1955. She was married to screenwriter Arthur from 1956 to 1961.

Although Marilyn had no children, she had been pregnant at least three times with Arthur according to the 2022 Netflix documentary, The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Unreleased Tapes. She first became pregnant in 1956, but lost the baby to a miscarriage. She became pregnant a second time in 1957, but lost the child to an ectopic pregnancy. Marilyn got pregnant for the third time in 1958 while filming the movie, Some like it hot. Although the film became one of Marilyn’s most successful films at the box office, director Billy Wilder told reporter Anthony Summers in the audio released by the documentary that the film was one of the most successful moments. difficulties of Marilyn. “She was slightly confused at all times,” Billy said in the tapes. “I had no problems with Monroe. Monroe had problems with Monroe. She had problems with herself. Marilyn lost the baby to a miscarriage in December 1958.

Marilyn’s fertility issues are believed to be due to her struggle with endometriosis, a gynecological disorder in which tissue similar to the problem that lines the inside of the uterus grows outside the organ, which which can cause severe pain, especially during menstruation, as well as fertility issues, according to the Mayo Clinic. According to Endometriosis UK, the condition affects one in 10 people with a womb.

Anthony Summers’ 2013 book, Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe, reported that Marilyn’s endometriosis and her “desire” to have children led her to “drug addiction” in the last years of her life. “One of the most famous victims of endometriosis was Marilyn Monroe. The condition was so severe that it destroyed her marriages, her desire to have children, her career and ultimately her life. Days before effective conservative surgery or effective medical therapies, this led to a gradual increase in the use of strong painkillers, tranquilizers and hypnotics – and to drug addiction,” Summers wrote.

Marilyn died between 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. on August 4, 1962. A toxicology report showed that her cause of death was acute barbiturate poisoning, with 8 mg% chloral hydrate and 4.5 mg% pentobarbital in her body. . blood, as well as 13 mg% pentobarbital in it. Empty medicine bottles were also found next to his bed. An accidental overdose was ruled out because the doses found in his body were several times higher than the lethal limit. Marilyn’s doctors also stated that she had been “prone to severe fears and frequent depressions” and that she had overdosed several times in the past. Los Angeles County Coroners’ Office Deputy Coroner Thomas Noguchi has classified Marilyn’s death as a probable suicide.

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To know more Marilyn Monroeread his 1974 autobiography, My story. Written in his own words, My story takes readers through Marilyn’s life, from her childhood as an unwanted orphan to her rise as a movie star and sex symbol. The intimate book also recounts Marilyn’s three marriages (including to her controversial second husband, Yankee Clipper Joe DiMaggio) and her vision of herself as “the kind of girl they found dead in the hallway room with an empty bottle of sleeping pills”. in his hand,” according to the publisher’s description. Illustrated with rare photos of Marilyn throughout her life, My story tells the true story of how Marilyn became the American Hollywood icon the world knows and loves today.

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