Each Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope For The Week Of April 4 – 10, 2022

Welcome to the weekly horoscope for every sign of the Zodiac. It’s Aries season so stand aside and feel the rush of power in your veins. This is ‘get up and go’ time, and we will all be on call for a life worth living. Aries season was made for activity and action.

We will have choices as to whether to progress, or whether to stay home where it’s safe. Safe choices will look good to us, but if we always choose the road most traveled, we will miss out on everything that the Great Unknown may have to offer us.

This is the week when we stop making excuses and start living. Time waits for no one, or haven’t you heard? Life is a fast-moving train and fortunately, we can stop at places of interest along the way. In fact, that’s our job—to find interests and pursue them.

Yes, it’s nice to sit around, count our millions, eat candy and watch Netflix all day and night, but very few of us are millionaires who wish to do that alone. The time is now, folks. Get up off your tushes and start living.

That’s a direct order from Planet Ruby.

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