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Marvel Just Replaced A Key Netflix Daredevil Character In She-Hulk Episode 5

She-Hulk: Lawyer brought one shocking revelation after another across its first five episodes, from Madisynn and Wong’s unexpected relationship to the long-awaited social media reign of Jameela Jamil’s Titania. But with each passing week, another name is constantly on the minds of MCU fans ahead of its highly anticipated return: Daredevil.

Warning – the rest of this article contains spoilers for Episode 5 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Excitingly, the first signs of Matt Murdock’s red-suited alter-ego appeared on screen in Episode 5 when the camera swept past his red outfit and landed on the new Horned Mask. gold that he will put on in a later episode. While the whereabouts of Matt himself are still the jury’s out, fans now know that his costume was made by Luke Jacobson, the same person who helped Jen upgrade her own wardrobe.

On the one hand, it’s an exciting development as fans know the Man Without Fear is finally getting closer to his first action in a superhero outfit on Disney+, which was shown during the promotional tour for She-Hulk. Plus, it calls into question some of his potential past with discussions still raging about whether Charlie Cox’s work as Daredevil on Netflix is ​​canon with the MCU – especially thanks to a character who’s been replaced. in episode 5.

MCU Trades Daredevil Suit Designer for She-Hulk’s

Marvel Studios Episode 5 She-Hulk: Lawyer confirmed that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock is now working with Los Angeles-based designer Luke Jacobson on his Daredevil costume.

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This costume was teased in the final seconds of the episode as the camera zoomed in on a package with a new gold mask, complete with horns on top. It’s the same mask fans saw Daredevil use in seconds of trailer footage that was created during She-Hulkpromotional race.

Daredevil Mask, She-Hulk
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With Murdock and Jacobson now working together, it indicates the LA designer has taken over from Melvin Potter of the daredevil series to make Matt Murdock’s costume, should the Netflix original be considered canon with the MCU.

Melvin Potter, Daredevil

Potter was the character who originally created Daredevil’s main costume at the end of Season 1, though things got worse later in the series. He was coerced by Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin into making a new costume for Ben Poindexter/Bullseye to frame Matt Murdock, though Potter eventually informed Murdock of the plan.

The costume designer ended up getting caught by the FBI for a parole violation while Murdock shot Bullseye and Kingpin, and Potter was eventually put in jail.

If this storyline was canon in the MCU, it would likely be why Murdock would go to Jacobson’s house in search of a new Daredevil costume. Potter wouldn’t be able to make one from prison, and it would also give him a chance to get something new to try to separate himself from the Bullseye incident.

Daredevil’s murky future in the MCU

She-Hulk This will be the first time fans see Daredevil out of his natural habitat in New York City as he interacts with Marvel’s other top lawyer on the West Coast. And once it came, some of these questions about the canon status of daredevil from Netflix can be answered, but this episode still leaves those mysteries open.

It makes perfect sense that Matt Murdock would have to find a new costume designer if Melvin Potter is still in jail, though it’s still unclear exactly what drives him to fly 3,000 miles from his Hell’s Kitchen home. Another point is that it would be difficult to get a superhero costume like his through airport security if he chose this travel option, the reader probably being something he couldn’t tackle because of its visual oddity.

On the other hand, it could just be a way to give Man Without Fear a fresh start in the MCU, as he could be at the start of his run as a hero or just get an outfit upgrade. And in the end, that might not even be a question answered in the She-Hulk solo series, as Daredevil will only be around for one of the next four episodes.

Hopefully more of these questions will be answered for Cox’s fan-favorite hero, especially with just over 18 months until he embarks on his next solo journey in Daredevil: Born Again. With this development so recent, things could change drastically for the blind lawyer as his tenure in the MCU progresses.

The first five episodes of She-Hulk: Lawyer are available to stream on Disney+.

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