MSU freshman Max Christie has declared for the NBA draft, though said he'll retain is college eligibility as he goes through the pre-draft process.

Max Christie enters NBA draft, could return to MSU: 3 quick takes

1. Max Christie isn’t ready for the NBA

Max Christie behaves like a pro in many ways — in how he works and prepares and takes care of himself. But his game and body aren’t there yet. He’d be wise to play another year in college basketball, be it at Michigan State or wherever.

Christie might do just that. He announced on Instagram on Friday that he’s entering the NBA draft, with the intention of going through the pre-draft process to get an “accurate assessment and feedback from the NBA” on where he stands. From what I understand, this has been his intention for a while. And, if he’s truly just probing for knowledge, it’s a wise decision by Christie, who noted in his Instagram post that his dream, like with every college player, is to play in the NBA.