"She would wear red wine"

“She would wear red wine”

While preparing for her wedding, a bride discovered that one of her guests showed up wearing a white dress, and TikTokers had some great suggestions for handling the matter.

When it comes to weddings, appropriate attire for guests varies. However, a universal wedding wardrobe rule is that unless you are the bride, you should refrain from wearing white. For the wedding party that TikToker and makeup artist Solis Pho (@solis.pho) were working on, this wedding etiquette caused quite a bit of drama. The bride discovered that the date of the groom’s brother had shown up wearing a white dress.

At the start of the clip, Pho says she just finished working on a wedding where some wardrobe drama happened.

“While I was doing the bride’s makeup, she was getting calls and texts, and she’s getting a ring [camera] alert on his phone,” Pho said.

She explains that the wedding party was preparing for the wedding in an Airbnb while the groomsmen were getting ready at the couple’s home, which has a Ring video doorbell.

Pho says the bride’s phone alert showed guests arriving at the house. “It’s the groom’s brother wearing a suit and his girlfriend wearing a white dress.”

Once the wardrobe misstep was brought to her attention, the bride became so upset that Pho said she had to stop putting on her eyeliner because she was shaking so badly.

“Who doesn’t know the rule now that you don’t wear white to a wedding unless you’re the bride?” Pho asks in disbelief.

After everyone, including Pho, looked at the pictures, the possibility was mentioned that the dress could be mint or pale blue.

“She would wear red wine.”

Sadly, that hope faded when someone at home confirmed the dress was white.

While Pho has heard stories in the past of guests breaking the wedding wardrobe rule, she thought people knew better.

Pho says everyone was quick to try to console the bride, concluding: “If anyone should be ashamed, it should be her, who clearly doesn’t know wedding guest etiquette.”

Viewers had a lot to say in response to Pho’s question about how they would handle the situation.

“Security would be armed with Super Soakers filled with red wine to attack,” one user joked.

“She would wear red wine,” echoed one TikToker.

“That’s why you have a designated wine spiller,” one viewer said.

Judging by the responses from TikTokers, wine has more than one function at weddings.

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