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Take-off shot – latest: Migos rapper's coroner's report reveals new details of death as Offset pays tribute

Take-off shoot nurse at scene talks about seeing Migos star unconscious – latest

Migos: Takeoff’s last Instagram story before fatal shooting

Takeoff, a member of rap trio Migos, was shot dead in Houston, Texas on Tuesday (November 1).

The rapper – full name Kirshnik Khari Ball – was 28.

Officers were called around 2:34 a.m. local time (7:34 a.m. GMT) to a shooting outside 810 Billiards and Bowling Alley in downtown Houston, where a private party of about 40 was taking place. people.

Takeoff and his Migos teammate Quavo were both present. Quavo – real name Quavious Keyate Marshall – was unhurt in the altercation. The third member of Migos, Offset, was not present.

An argument broke out, apparently after a game of dice, and shots were fired. Takeoff was pronounced dead at the scene.

His death was mourned by industry figures and fans, with tributes to the late rapper pouring in on social media.

Celebrities such as James Corden, Drake, SZA, Outkast and Khloé Kardashian shared messages remembering the rapper.

So far, no suspects have been arrested, with Houston Police Chief Troy Finner calling on witnesses to “step in” with information about the shooting.

Police, along with the rapper’s fans, have urged others to remove graphic videos of the incident that have been circulating online.


Quavo and Offset remain silent after the death of a teammate

The two remaining members of Migos, Quavo and Offset, have yet to officially comment on Takeoff’s death.

All three being parents, they grew up together in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.

The day before Takeoff died, he and Quavo had released the music video for their song “Messy” from their duet project, Designed for Infinity Links only.

Nicole VassellNovember 4, 2022 3:00 p.m.


The takeoff was ‘unconscious when the nurse arrived on the scene’

A nurse who witnessed the scene of the Houston shooting that killed Takeoff recalled the moments directly followed.

In a conversation with local media Click2Houstonthe medical professional (who chose not to be identified) recounted how she heard the racket at 810 Billiards and Bowling from her nearby home.

Although she was off duty, she went to the scene to see if she could help.

“I couldn’t have lived with myself if I had known I had the equipment to save his life and I didn’t,” she said.

Later in the report, she claimed that Takeoff had no pulse when he arrived and saw his eyes rolling back with a pool of blood behind his head.

He was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Nicole VassellNovember 4, 2022 2:33 p.m.


Fans leave tributes at the Houston filming location

A Migos fan page documented a visit to a memorial for Takeoff in Houston, Texas.

After the rap star was shot early Tuesday (November 1), admirers of his music paid their respects in a variety of ways, including a memorial in Atlanta.

Some left flowers, candles and photos outside 810 Billiards and Bowling in Houston, where the shooting took place.

Takeoff Memorial in Houston

(Instagram / ultimate migos)

An account named ‘ultimatemigos’ posted images from the memorial, with a caption that read: “I swear, take, I promise to keep visiting you forever, I’ll be back, I’ll never forget you brother .”

Nicole VassellNovember 4, 2022 1:16 p.m.


J Prince addresses the Houston shooting that killed Takeoff

J Prince spoke about the fatal shooting that killed Takeoff in Houston earlier this week.

“The Prince family would like to send their condolences to the family and friends of a beautiful soul,” he wrote on Instagram. “To Houstonians and families everywhere, this one breaks my heart because Takeoff was a God-loving brother, son, role model and human being.

“It shouldn’t have happened. This should never have happened in our city,” he continued. “This shouldn’t have been taped, and it certainly shouldn’t be circulating on social media for family, friends and fans to see. As I write this, I’m angry at the lack of love and respect we have for each other as a race that keeps bringing us back to the same tragic place of Black on Black’s murder.

“They say satan is the author of the confusion and right now there are a lot of lies and false stories being spread by media whores,” he said. “I consider myself a quick listener and slow talker, so whoever is responsible for putting that bullet through my little nephew’s head, please let it be known that you cannot hide behind me, beside me or n anywhere near me because I don’t tolerate bullshit.

“To the homies in Georgia and around the world who loved Takeoff as we know it: let’s change the narrative of our culture by ending every argument or disagreement that results in violence,” he concluded. “It’s good to live and let live to see another day. Rest in peace takeoff.

Peony Hirwani4 November 2022 12:00


Quavo’s assistant allegedly shot in incident that killed Takeoff

Quavo’s assistant, Joshua “Wash” Washington, was one of two other people shot in the shooting that killed Takeoff, according to TMZ.

Peony HirwaniNovember 4, 2022 11:06 am


What label was Takeoff signed to?

The takeoff was signed for quality control.

In a statement shared on social media, the label said it was “devastated” by the “senseless violence”.

“It is with broken hearts and deep sadness that we mourn the loss of our beloved brother Kirsnick Khari Ball, known to the world as Takeoff,” the statement read.

“Senseless violence and a stray bullet have taken another life in this world and we are devastated. Please respect his family and friends as we all continue to deal with this monumental loss.

Peony HirwaniNovember 4, 2022 10:25 a.m.


Migos – made up of Takeoff, Offset and Quavo – grew up together in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Migos was formed in 2008. The trio was originally called the Polo Club.

All three members are directly related and were raised together; Quavo was Takeoff’s uncle and Offset is Quavo’s cousin.

Peony HirwaniNovember 4, 2022 9:22 a.m.


Video shows man with gun at party where Takeoff was shot

ICYMI: A video obtained by TMZ appears to show a person of interest standing with a gun in his pocket moments before the takeoff was fatally shot.

The man is seen standing with a gun as Takeoff’s teammate Quavo argues with someone.

The same individual can then be seen with the gun drawn before gunshots are heard.

The police are aware of the images.

Peony HirwaniNovember 4, 2022 8:30 a.m.


Autopsy reveals Takeoff was shot more than once

The takeoff was shot multiple times, the coroner’s report confirmed.

The Harris County Medical Examiner confirmed his cause of death was “penetrating gunshot wounds” and ruled his death a “homicide”.

Peony HirwaniNovember 4, 2022 7:48 a.m.


Offset changes Instagram profile picture to image of Takeoff after Migos teammate dies

ICYMI: Offset paid a subtle tribute to his late teammate Takeoff.

While Offset has yet to verbally comment on his friend’s passing, the rapper changed his profile picture on Instagram on Wednesday (November 2) to that of Takeoff’s face.

Peony HirwaniNovember 4, 2022 07:30