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Footage of Candace Cameron Bure breaking children's hearts in 1992 meet goes viral

Footage of Candace Cameron Bure breaking children’s hearts in 1992 meet goes viral

The ‘Full House’ actress disappointed a mall full of fans when she left the event.

Another week, another Candace Cameron Bure controversial.

This time, the Internet reawakens a drama from past decades. Three of them, in fact.

Video clips from a report on a March 1992 encounter at the Mic Mac mall in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, which ended in the disappointment of countless Full house fans are going viral on TikTok thanks to a reporter.

The archive footage was shared by the CTV reporter Nick Moorewho posted clips of the station’s 50th anniversary segments in a TikTok series he dubbed 50 Days of ATV (the former name of the Canadian channel).

Most of the posts he’s made so far have garnered a few handfuls of likes and comments each, but “The Candace Cameron Mall Riot of 1992,” as he called it, has garnered over 20,000 likes and nearly a thousand comments last week.

The story features interviews with the devastated children and their parents, as well as footage of Cameron Bure telling the bustling crowd that she must go. To the actress’ credit, she had a flight to catch and apparently the response to her visit was far greater than anyone involved in the planning had anticipated, but that didn’t stop her devoted fans from burst into tears.

The first young girl interviewed was so upset it’s hard to decipher what she’s saying, but as one fan pointed out in the comments, it sounds like, “I’ve been here since 10:30 p.m. and me and I never could see her and I’m so angry.”

A frustrated dad is heard saying he’s been waiting six hours and won’t be waiting much longer, just before Cameron Bure announces to the crowd that she has to leave. Some front-line fans seem to stumble in disappointment, and “No!” can be heard throughout the crowd.

“I’m sorry, I have a flight leaving,” she continued. “Thank you all for coming to see me.” Security then chased her away.

Other interviewees complained of pushing and shoving along the line, calling the mall a “madhouse”. Parents expressed concern for their children’s safety and were particularly annoyed by the time wasted traveling and waiting, with some coming hours away for autographs.

Attendance was so high that the mall had to call in additional police to help control the unexpected crowd.

See the original article to see embedded media.

β€œYou could say they sold out,” one commentator joked.

“Is this his villain origin story?” several others interviewed.

Others shared their own memories of the day, one of which was semi-successful: “We were there that day. My brother separated from us. My mother was scared. I was crying because I I haven’t seen it. Then my brother appears with an autograph!”

“I asked my mum to take me there. And then I made her leave because I couldn’t handle the number of people there,” another recalled.

Still others are shocked to learn of the visit. “I can’t believe I now find out my parents never bothered to take me to Mic Mac Mall to see DJ 😑,” one comment read.

But, maybe it was for the best.